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Melanie Folcik
NREMT-B, American Red Cross Instructor

Melanie is the founder of Redline Elements. She is a licensed Airline Transport Pilot that has been soaring the friendly skies since 2003. She has also been providing emergency care to the community as an EMS provider since 1997. Redline Elements is her incorporation of two things she has passion for: EMS and Aviation. Her qualifications allow her to teach for both the American Red Cross and the Federal Aviation Administration and her courses have been recognized by the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and the FAA branch offices. She has successfully sat as a Director of Training and Safety for Part 135 Aviation companies. She is currently completing a degree in Emergency Response Management. Her other credentials include PADI certification and GUE buoyancy training, USPA skydive A license and certified aviation ditching specialist. Melanie's passion and drive, fuel her quest for finding new methods of safety for the community through modern research and development.

Bruce Everett
Aerobatics & Tailwheel Instructor

Bruce adds a critical training element to Redline Elements. As an experienced pilot and instructor with over 14,000+ flight hours, he brings his education and passion for teaching advanced safety through flight. Bruce's divine attention during training shows in his accomplishments as a pilot. These include: 1997 NY Unlimited Championship, 1998 East Coast Unlimited Championship, 1998 Mason-Dixon Unlimited Championship and 1999 PA Unlimited Championship. Redline Elements is excited and proud to have Bruce work closely with our clients to embrace their interest in obtaining a level of higher learning. His training sessions are safe and thorough and beg to be repeated.

Christopher Waiksnoris
Fire Service Instructor I, EMT-Paramedic
AHA Instructor, USAR Team Rescue Specialist

Christopher is an essential resource link for Redline Elements. He is a Lieutenant and paramedic for the Milford Fire Department and is a rescue specialist for the CT USAR team. He has played an active role in the community providing fire services and emergency care for 20 years. Chris has been a critical link in identifying, researching and developing programs of necessity for emergencies in the community. Redline Elements is proud to accept his research and create and provide courses to help fill these voids. His qualifications are vast and he teaches for both the American Heart Association and the Fire Administration Agency. Other exceptional attributes he brings to us include certifications in: heavy vehicular rescue, structural collapse, confined space technician, NHASH team member, Haz-Tech and incident response to terrorist bombing. We are pleased to have Christopher join us as a powerful training provider and emergency services consultant.

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