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Photo: Jennifer Manna, 2006
Previous participants speak up

Training - 

"I just wanted to add my name to the list of pilots (there is a bunch) that were thoroughly impressed by the CPR, Customer Service, and especially the Life Raft training given by Melanie the last few days. She taught with wonderful enthusiasm and zeal. I believe she has gone above and beyond and needs to be recognized for doing so. Her preparation really shined through, she did a wonderful job, my hat is off. Great job Mel!"

(Director of Training/Safety - 135 Flight Department)

A Rival - 

"Melanie, nothing but positive feedback from all and positive is a gross understatement. First class training session that rivals any I've seen. Congratulations."

(Chief Pilot - 135 Operations, Local/Intl)

Great Job - 

"Hi Melanie, I'm sure you've gotten a thousand e-mails already, but I'd like to add to that and thank you for all your time and effort. Your presentation was awesome!!"

(ATP, CFI, CFII, PC12 Capt)

Excellent - 

"Melanie, What a GREAT JOB you did! Well organized - well communicated, and great interaction amongst the participants! Your hard work showed. And, you should be proud! Thanks again..."

(ATP, CFI, CFII, Captain C208)

Water Training  - 

"I just wanted to send a quick thought on today's training. I thought it was great, I thought Mel did a great job with the presentation and she was very informative. I, for one, learned far more than I anticipated and realized how much I thought I knew. Thanks to her innovative research this was a great learning experience and I would like to see it continue through the years as most people truly don't know what we think we do. Again, Great Job Mel and thank you for your time and efforts with our training."

(ATP, CFI, CFII, CJ3 Capt)

May Recurrent Training - 

"Just thought I'd say the training was AWESOME!!! Definitely the best training sessions I've ever had the privilege of attending. Thanks for all your work with the first aid/CPR and water training. Director of Training is an excellent position for you. Thanks again!"

(ATP, C680 Capt)

Thanks - 

"Melanie, I really appreciate your patience with me and help in learning the ropes. It was a good experience for me. I feel more confident in what I'm supposed to be doing. Now if I can only excute! Your preparation and effort was obvious. It was a great learning experience. I that the hands on (ok, how about full body immersion) in the pool was a great idea. It really gives one cause for thought. Over the years of Fire/EMS work, I have found that unless you get it realistic and fun, folks just don't respond well in times of stress. We will remember this one for sure. Thank you again."

(EMT/FF, ATP, CFI, CFII, C208 135 FO)

Water Training and CPR - 

"Melanie. YOU get a lot of applause: it was obvious there had been a lot of work and preparation for the sessions and presentations, and you did a great job with them. Plus, and very important, it was relevant and interesting. Having done the CPR, for instance, over quite a few years and multiple "standard ways" between Red Cross and American Heart Assn, the classes there were often regimented, dull, and certainly not imagined with an aviation environment in mind. Having it tailored to bring in the aircraft element was a major improvement. So, thanks for your efforts, enthusiasm and expertise. They showed, big time."

(Chief Pilot - Jet Aircraft Department)

Recurrent Training - 

"Melanie, I just wanted to thank you for all of the great training. It was very professional and I am sure that it took a great effort to prepare and it showed. It is my observation that everyone at Tradewind cares a great deal about their work and has a positive attitude. This will only enhance our great place. Thank you."

(CJ3 Captain)

Training like no other - 

"I thought I would pass on to you my congratulations on the training sessions that Melanie conducted over the past three days. I found them to be informative, educational, engaging, professional, and humorous and well worth any person's time no matter what level of experience. I believe that this year's training sessions were a great leap forward. As an experienced presenter, I think it was very obvious that Melanie's preparation took a great deal of time. I would like to pass on my most sincere thanks, and Melanie, I hope to never have to use what you taught us!! Sincerely."

(CJ3 Captain, ATP, Aircraft Owner, Business Owner)

Flight Training - 

"Melanie's bubbly personality and knowledge of her subjects made this class enjoyable and entertaining. Not only were we able to learn modern ways of rescue and egress, but we learned in an atmosphere that was tailored to our company. She took the time to acknowledge each person as an individual and learn our fears and strengths. I want to commend Melanie for a wonderful training session complete with water immersion, customer service scenario role playing, and certifying us to be CPR/AED current. You can't put a price tag on a class like this; you can't put a price on your safety. Thank you!"

(Director of Operations, 135 Operation)
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